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The most promising Google Pixel product of 2023


We may be only mere days into this shiny new year of ours, but man alive, lemme tell ya: I’m feeling pretty darn excited about what 2023’s got cookin’.

Here in the land o’ Googley matters, y’see, this odd-numbered eon is rapidly shaping up to be a significant one when it comes to Pixel-flavored produce. Google’s riding the long-building momentum of its homemade Android products and gearin’ up for a monumental year of potentially shapeshifting launches.

The Pixel prize we’re hearing the most buzz about right now, without a doubt, is the on-again off-again (and still completely unofficial) folding Pixel phone — believed to be known as either the Pixel Fold or the Pixel Notepad, depending on which rumor du jour you’ve read most recently.

But novel as the notion of a folding phone may be — and intriguing of an idea as it may seem on the surface that Google could be getting into that game — the purported folding Pixel isn’t the product most worthy of your attention.

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Nope: The Pixel product of 2023 you really oughta have your eyes on this minute is none other than the humble-seeming Pixel Tablet.

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