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The Pixel 6’s most important feature might be invisible


Twelve days and counting.

It’s hard to believe, with as long as we’ve been talking about this topic, but Google’s much anticipated Pixel 6 phone and its plus-sized sibling, the Pixel 6 Pro, are finally set to make themselves official. The new devices will emerge from Google’s metaphorical womb a week from Tuesday — on October 19th, as Proud Mama Googleschmoop announced this week.

We’ve been thinking about the Pixel 6 phones for so long now that it almost feels like we know everything about ’em. But the phones’ most significant advancement may be something we haven’t yet encountered — and may never actually see, at least in any literal sense. In fact, the full scope and value of its presence might not become clear for some time yet, even after the Pixel 6 makes its way into our curiously moist person-paws.

Let me do a real quick rewind, and I’ll explain what I mean.

The Pixel 6 processor story

Back when we first heard rumblings about the idea of Google building its own custom processor for the Pixel 6 — way back in the year 2020, approximately 47 years ago — we talked about how having a Google-made chip inside the phone could matter for us regular ol’ Android-adorin’ animals in a few key ways.

One is that it’d give Google total power to decide how long the processor — and thus the phone around it — is supported. While nothing’s official on that front just yet, leaks suggest the Pixel 6 could receive a whopping five years of operating system updates, which would certainly put that point into action.

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