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The productivity advantages of Microsoft Azure: vertical focus


Disclosure: Microsoft is a client of the author.

This week Microsoft offered up a presentation on its “Microsoft Cloud For Sustainability” effort, which should benefit companies trying to wrap their arms around efforts to reverse climate change and pollution. Companies are looking to do more in this area because customers increasingly favor vendors with a strong focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) values. The environmental part is currently getting the most focus because it is in the public’s eye with concerns around climate change driving vendor and solution choices. 

But building up a tracking and reporting ecosystem is not trivial, so being able to build on the successes of others is a godsend for those attempting this very difficult-to-do task.

As much as this Cloud for Sustainability effort interests me, the vertical focus and the maturing of Azure is what I find interesting. Because this represents the next level of cloud maturity, where tools evolve to focus on targeted needs to positively impact productivity. 

The Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability effort may have far broader implications for the future of the cloud. 

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Sustainability is certainly important, but achieving it isn’t easy. You not only have to track the pollutants you create, but must ensure your suppliers track them, too. (The importance of tracking an entire logistics chain has grown because a company’s good environmental reputation can be destroyed if it’s connected to even one visible polluting supplier.)

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