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The smart way to switch to a new Android phone


Ah, a new phone. Isn’t there just something strangely special about that moment of opening up a box, peeling off the protective plastic, and powering up a pristine pocket-computer for the very first time?

Unfortunately, after that fantastical startup animation finishes, reality usually sets in — and you realize you’re in for a long, exhausting journey of copying stuff over, setting things up, and trying to get your fancy new phone to look and act the way you want.

To be fair, moving from one Android phone to another has gotten a heck of a lot easier over the years. But despite all that progress, it can still be a daunting process that’s filled with both quirks and uncertainty. And all the internet’s advice about moving from an iPhone to Android won’t help you one bit.

This guide, however, will. If you’re already in the Android universe and preparing to move from one Android phone to another, these are the steps and the variables you need to consider. Follow ’em closely, and you’ll be up and running and enjoying that new phone smell in no time.

Part I: Prepare your old Android phone for switching

Believe it or not, a successful Android phone move starts on your old device — the one you’re ready to leave behind. Before you even start thinking about your shiny new replacement, we’ve got two important areas to work through and make sure are fully prepared for migration:

Android service syncing

First and foremost, the reason switching from one Android phone to another is so much easier than it used to be is largely thanks to all of the simple syncing systems built into our devices. So take a minute to make sure you’re taking full advantage of those possibilities. It’ll set your phone-moving voyage up for much smoother sailing.

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