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The top Chromebook tips of 2022


More than any other platform, Google’s ChromeOS is in a constant state of evolution — and if you blink for a minute, you’re bound to miss some promising new possibility or progression.

For those of us who rely on Chromebooks for work, that’s fantastic. It means there’s always something new to learn, uncover, and consider and always some intriguing new way to get stuff accomplished.

So behold: the most useful ChromeOS-related tips and tidbits from these Googley-scented quarters in recent months. Catch up while you can and make sure you’re making the most of your work and/or personal technology for the coming year — and if you’re still hungry for even more one-of-a-kind knowledge, come check out my Android Intelligence newsletter next to get three bonus tips this second and gooey Googley goodness in your inbox all year round.

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