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Twitter complaint-tracking bot reveals most griped about tech products


A bot tracking Twitter complaints about electronic products found the Google Pixel 6 smartphone, HP laptops, and Apple’s iPad 6 were among the most groused-about tech products.

Electronics Hub, a products review website that also offers project information to electronics do-it yourselfers, said it used a “complaint detection tool” to analyze the sentiment of tweets about best-selling tech products. The review site published a report, “The Most Complained About Tech Products in Every Country,” about its findings.

Electronics Hub’s complaint-detection bot analyzed thousands of tweets mentioning popular tech products and gave each a score based on the percentage of tweets that featured a complaint.

Among laptops, HP’s models accounted for 29.1% of negative tweets, Lenovo was second with 28.8%, and Dell  laptops, third, with 25.5% of gripes. Apple laptops appeared to have faired relatively well, with just 17% of complaints.

Under the heading, “Americas Most Hated Tech Products,” Apple’s iPad 6 topped all other tablets with the highest percentage of gripes. “Eight of our top 10 most complained about tablets are from Apple iPad Series, the report stated. “But, it is the sixth-generation iPad that causes the most distress with 33.3% of all tweets about the product.”

The seventh-generation iPad came in a close second with 27.9% of negative tweets.

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