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What are the best VPN services for conflict zones?


There has been a rapid spike in demand for VPN services in Russia and Ukraine since the invasion began almost three weeks ago. People in both nations seek online freedoms as offline misery intensifies, and want to see through the fog of conflict.

VPN services see rapid growth in Russia

A VPN (virtual private network) service creates an encrypted tunnel between users and the servers they interact with. This helps secure the traffic to protect people from being identified, tracked, and surveilled.

Simon Migliano, Head of Research at Top10VPN, explained that Russians began seeking out VPN services before the conflict began. But demand has accelerated as it continues and authorities become more repressive there.

Demand climbed 55% on Feb. 24 but has hovered around 1,000% higher throughout Match. In part, this reflects a desire among many Russian people to continue using social networks and to maintain contact with friends and family in Ukraine.

It may also be historically relevant to note that demand for VPN services climbed 3,405% in Kazakhstan in January as anti-government protests took place there.

Demand for VPN services also increased in Ukraine, increasing 609% at its peak, and as Russia massed troops on the border, people there had already begun to install VPNs on their devices.

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