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What every enterprise needs to know about Apple’s $91B quarter


Apple announced a record $91 billion quarter yesterday and told us that 84% of business buyers looking to purchase smartphones in the next quarter will buy iPhones. What else can enterprise users learn from the results?

Apple remains focused on healthcare

As he always does, Apple CFO Luca Maestri shared fresh details about Apple’s performance in the enterprise space. This time, he focused on health. Fully 100% of Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare sector now use Apple tech in, “areas such as patient experience, clinical communications and nursing workflows,” he said.

Maestri also highlighted some of the smaller healthcare firms using Apple tech , including Apple Developer Award winner Gauss Surgical and medical imaging company Butterfly Network.

It’s interesting he focused on health, given Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent assertion that Apple will most be remembered for its contribution to healthcare. I’m not one to second-guess Apple executives (actually, that’s not true), but these coded messages are getting louder.

Digital services are now mainstream

With more than 418 million paid subscribers across its services (which includes iCloud, Apple’s media operations, payment services such as Apple Card, App Store and Apple Care), Apple pulled in $12.7 billion.

That’s all jolly good, but enterprises should see this as proof that consumers are ready to embrace unique digital services. Such services can emerge as profit centers in their own right or be introduced strategically to support existing offerings.

Subscription services are also achieving growth and consumer acceptance, which should help more traditional digital business models migrate to apps.

Apple expects to hit 500 million paid subscribers in the current quarter and 600 million before the end of 2020. This implies the company may have a few hands to play as it strives for that 20% adoption growth rate.

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