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What you need to know as Apple shutters one iCloud service


It took eight years, but Apple has finally completed the transition to replace iCloud Documents and Data service with iCloud Drive. What is happening, why did Apple do this, what might it mean to your business and what should you do now?

What you should do now

Most iCloud users will find that Apple has already transitioned their content to iCloud Drive. It is easy to use and delivers a much more elegant user experience.

There are some users, principally those who had iCloud accounts before iCloud Drive was introduced in 2014, who may not yet have enabled the newer online storage service. This could be a particular problem for users who wanted to maintain pre-iOS 8 devices and Macs running older operating systems, as those did not support iCloud Drive.

This should not represent a large number of users, so eight years since the release of the former and nine since the last non-compatible Mac OS shipped, Apple clearly thinks the time is right to disable such access — as it last year warned it would.

If you use iCloud Documents and Data on a system that supports the newer online storage system, you will need to enable iCloud Drive to see your files in iCloud.

See below for relevant instructions.

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