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What’s new in Notifications in iOS 16?


If you’ve switched to iOS 16, you’ve probably already realized Apple has tweaked the system. Notifications now appear at the bottom of the display and there are other changes that must be learned.

We all use them, we all need them

With the recent introduction of iOS 16 and the extent to which mobile pros depend on notifications — and the arrival today of the new iPhone 14 line-up — this is a ood time to look at how Apple has changed the system.

There are two equally valid schools of thought when it comes to notifications.

In one group, you have those for whom notifications are an essential way to maintain at-a-glance insight into people, messages, and app-related events that matter to them. They like to be informed of such things as they happen, but have the determined concentration to remain focused on the matter in hand. They might switch audible notification alerts off, but otherwise they see them as a friendly ambient noise.

The second group consists of those distracted by notifications, who find that they break their chain of thought. They can be a real challenge to some people, generating all kinds of unwanted side impacts.

Life beyond Focus mode

To help navigate the problem, Apple provides Focus Mode, which helps manage the digital overload, hopefully prioritizing what matters above those that don’t. Notification frequency and behavior is important, given the frequently cited 2016 Deloitte study that found people check their phone at least 47 times a day, often in response to these things.

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