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Why it makes sense for Apple to join the ‘Fediverse’


Vivaldi and Mozilla, two of the world’s browser makers, will host their own Mastodon servers. Why should others, including Apple, Google, and perhaps your own company follow suit?

At its simplest, it’s about controlling the brand message.

Toward trusted social networks

The nature of the ActivityPub protocol that drives Mastodon is that an individual company can set up a server (an “instance”) and federate with the rest of the network to provide a social networking service.

But not every company wants to become a social network. It may not want the cost and consequences of content moderation or have the resources to pay server costs.

That’s OK.

While most existing instances are public, so anyone can register to begin using the service, they don’t need to be. A company can choose to only host accounts that belong to its own employees, or even just a subset of those.

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