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Why you should use Apple’s Rapid Security Response


Mac, iPad, and iPhone users can choose to automatically install system security patches as they are released with a new Apple feature called Rapid Security Response.

Rapid Security Response aims to secure Apple’s platforms with automated security updates. The idea is that if every user automatically installs such patches, the entire ecosystem becomes inherently more secure.

Announced last year at WWDC 2022, Apple began testing the feature in October. During beta testing, it shared four content-free downloads to test its distribution system, including one recent test in March. While the feature can be enabled on devices running the latest operating system, as of this month Apple had not yet begun to ship genuine security patches.

What problem does Rapid Security Response solve?

Traditionally, Apple has distributed security patches within iOS, iPadOS, or macOS software updates. This is effective, but not every user updates their systems in a timely fashion, in part because full software updates take a while.

Making it possible to automatically download and install smaller security patches as they are published makes for faster distribution and means users don’t need to install a complete OS upgrade to stay secure.

In essence, Rapid Security Response makes maintaining device security much simpler and less disruptive for all parties, while also keeping the ecosystem a bit more secure.

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