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Why your company should deploy Apple Messages for Business


Apple Business Essentials emerged from beta last week, but it is not the only enterprise-focused service Apple offers that may boost your business ROI. Companies hoping to reach iPhone-, iPad-, and Mac-using customers should also look at Apple Messages for Business.

What is Apple Messages for Business?

Apple Messages for Business (part of Apple Business Chat family) is a service that lets your business make direct contact with customers using Messages.

In addition to communications, the tool can handle a range of other tasks, such as appointment scheduling and purchasing. However, the biggest asset it provides is that it enables you and your business to communicate with your customers where and when they are.

Customers and potential customers can find you using search (Safari, Siri, Spotlight, Maps) on any Apple device, and your information will be made available as a contacts card. The system is sufficiently smart that when a customer wants to make contact, their iPhone should recognize the number they want to call involves a company using the service — and offer to start a chat in Messages instead.

Why should you use it?

The simplest reason to use Apple Messages for Business is that customers expect it from you. The evolution of omnichannel services means your customers want you to be available in as many ways as possible — online, by phone, within social networks, and via key messaging apps.

It’s a trend that accelerated during the pandemic, when more people became more remote than ever before, prompting acceleration in use of asynchronous B2C messaging services. Just as remote workers want to use Slack at work, remote consumers want to use digital channels to contact companies.

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