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Will your company embrace AR for training?


We know the tech industry wants to convince us we need augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) solutions, and while gaming experiences seem to dominate the discussion today, the greater opportunity comes in digital transformation of the enterprise.

Growing GDP one AR experience at a time

Recent analysis from PwC estimates VR/AR will boost global GDP by $1.5 trillion by 2030. Librestream and IDC believe AR will be key to the next stage of workplace digital transformation. In a recent report, they note multiple scenarios where the technology has already made a difference, including an auto manufacturer who managed to reduce machine downtime and maintenance by 15% with it.

But for most enterprises, the opportunity to develop virtual training solutions makes great sense. Hybrid working posed onboarding problems for some firms; AR/VR can support this journey. Accenture, for example, invested in 60,000 VR headsets, building a virtual global campus featuring digital twins to help in onboarding employees.

Other companies use QR symbols to link employees to information or training about that area, a product, or business process using an existing handset, such as an iPhone.

AR and VR are used to deliver critical training in a number of ways.

We know this kind of training is effective. Boeing says VR can reduce training time by 75%, and that’s is just one of the benefits the tech can bring to enterprise users. All this interest recently promised internet giant, Alibaba to invest $60 million in AR glasses manufacturer, Nreal

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