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Will your enterprise app dev teams visit Apple’s Dynamic Island?


When you think about it, Apple’s newly introduced Dynamic Island feature is likely to become a critical interaction point between apps and users of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max phones that support it. It looks like a great opportunity for B2C and B2B app experiences that can build digital connection with end users.

What is Dynamic Island?

Dynamic Island turns Apple’s boring notch, behind which the FaceID camera sits, into an excitingly interactive area that lets users monitor important app activity (such as delivery service ETA, music playback, and sports scores) and take control of apps.

It’s possible to hold two apps active in Dynamic Island while working in another app. (For many, that will come down to doom-scrolling Twitter while waiting for pizza delivery. Let’s not judge.)

In typical Apple style, the Dynamic Island presents itself in a range of different shapes with fluid animations. The information it presents should be seen as glanceable data — you won’t be reading books or engaging in more sophisticated tasks in Apple’s Dynamic Island. You have other apps for that.

Apple will enable the feature, which depends on new Live Activities frameworks, in a later release of iOS 16. “Once ActivityKit is available in an update to iOS 16, you’ll be able to implement Live Activities and interact with them in Dynamic Island,” Apple told developers.

Dynamic Island isn’t universally available. It will only be supported on Apple’s most expensive iPhone models and exploits the pill-shaped area that supplants the notch.

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