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Windows 11 and Android: Rethinking the PC-phone connection


Disclosure: Most of the companies mentioned are clients of the author.

Microsoft just posted an update on Windows 11 that includes several interesting new features. Since we are still early in the Windows 11 life cycle, Microsoft remains focused on adding capabilities rather than pushing them off until Windows 12. (This is the “free gift” period of the operating system’s evolution, and it is often fun, sometimes frustrating, and almost always entertaining.)

The part I’m focused on is the integration of Android apps and why it might make various cell phone integration efforts from Dell, Intel, and even Microsoft redundant. Let’s explore.

Cell phones and PCs

At CES earlier this month, all three companies showcased apps that connect your smartphone to your PC with varying levels of interoperability. The benefits are that you don’t have to pull out our phone to use the apps on it and can access those apps from your connected PC. If you want, you can put your phone next to your keyboard to serve as another small notification screen. 

Now, having a screen that you normally view 12 to 18 inches from your face sit nearly twice that distance away can be a distraction. Plus, you’re more likely to walk off and leave your phone behind — and leaving it active on your desk could be a problem. Smartphones are increasingly used to help protect your identity and assure that unauthorized people don’t mess with either your PC or smartphone. 

For me, the risk of leaving my phone behind means I won’t put it on my desk; I haven’t found the phone connection apps useful enough to risk forgetting my phone.

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