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WWDC: Apple digs deep to secure its platforms


Apple’s WWDC announcements included plenty for enterprise professionals. One area that deserves  particular attention relates to the variety of privacy improvements the copany is making, because they offer significant benefits for the security conscious.

Putting you in control of your data

The main thrust of Apple’s recent work on privacy is information. The argument is that everyone should know about data collection, what it means, and which apps collect what information — and have at least some understanding of how that data is used.

App Transparency Tracking, Privacy Nutrition Labels, and controls to limit what data apps can access will help enterprise and consumer users gain better insight into the data journey. Apple at WWDC enhanced this insight with a new App Privacy Report; it gathers information about each of the apps you use to show which ones follow the permissions you’ve okayed.

If an app has permission to use your microphone, you’ll be able to see whether the app has actually done so, revoke that permission if you choose, and vet with whom that data may be shared by seeing all the third-party domains an app is contacting.

Apple also continues to do what it can to prevent systems and services (its own and those belonging to others) from gathering data in the first place.

More on this below, but IP address masking, VPN-like browsing built-i,n and a ban on invisible pixels for marketing and mail tracking will all have significant benefits for many — though some advertising and marketing companies will be forced to adopt new practises.

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