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WWDC: Everything Apple shared at its big developer event


Apple CEO Tim Cook stressed Apple’s commitment to equality and diversity and the fight against COVID-19 before launching into a slew of news for developers across all Apple’s platforms. Here’s a partial run-down (regularly updated).

iOS 14 announcements

App Library: Automatically organizes all your apps into logical collections,and can also search for specific apps. Recently added and editable, so you can lose collections you have no use for.

Widgets: Now “more beautiful and data rich”. More data rich and you can configure them to your needs. You can also place critical widgets on your Home screen. There is also a Widget Gallery, which offers up all your available options in a highly visual environment. Smart Stack is also a feature, you can place this at the top of the screen and it will use AI to present you with the data you most need at that time of day.

Picture in Picture Video: Now you can keep watching video while working in other apps. Even better, they used the wondrous Mythic Quest to illustrate this.

Siri: Now has a new compact design, and presents results in a smarter way: Apps open fast, information is delivered in notifications view, and more. Siri handles 25 billion requests each month and now has 25x more facts than just a couple of years ago.

Translate: Siri can now help with translation. A new app called Translate can work offline and uses on device ML to translate between 11 languages. #wwdc2020. (Also has conversation mode).

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