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How to fix iPhone network coverage and hotspot problems


Bad mobile signals and unreliable hotspot coverage on your iPhone could well be two of the most frustrating challenges today’s enterprise professionals face (other than battery life). Here are some ways that may improve network coverage and hotspot reliability, making it easier to get work done while on the go.

How to improve your network signal

The first thing you’ll want to fix is a poor signal; without that, you’ll never get your personal hotspot coverage working at all.

While you can’t make your network provide coverage where it doesn’t, you can make certain it’s not your iPhone that’s contributing to your weak reception. With that in mind….

Toggle Airplane Mode

Swipe down from the top right of your screen to open your Control Center and tap the Airplane mode icon, which will turn orange to show it is on. Doing so will disable all your network, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections. Wait a minute and then switch Airplane mode off. This is sometimes all you need to do to get a better network signal.

Check carrier settings

This is such a simple thing to do, so you might as well try: Open Settings>General>About and if your carrier has updated its settings — but your device hasn’t yet updated to them — an alert will appear prompting you to install the carrier update. If it doesn’t appear, your carrier settings are up-to-date, and you can try the next approach.

Restart your iPhone

If switching the cellular radio off and on again with Airplane Mode didn’t improve your connection, try restarting your iPhone.

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