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3 smart shortcuts for a curiously hidden Chrome OS command


Hear ye, hear ye, my Chromebook-carrying comrades: Have I ever got the tasty new trick for you — er, for ye.

It’s a super-handy shortcut you can add into your Chrome OS computer to fill a curious void and make your system significantly easier to use. Intriguing, wouldn’t ye say?

Here’s the thing: For all the progress Google’s made with Chrome OS over the years — and to be sure, there’s been plenty! — some extraordinarily simple-seeming feats have remained oddly unaddressed. We’re just now getting a (still-buried) way to restore all of your apps and windows and avoid having that blasted blank browser window come up every time you restart your forkin’ Chromebook, for example, roughly a decade into the platform’s life.

And this topic of today is very much in that same category of “How Can We Possibly Not Do That Yet?!” features. The main difference is that Google still hasn’t tackled this one effectively, so it’s up to you to find or create the creative workaround.

I’m talking about the vexing lack of any simple restart command within the Chrome OS software. It’s something that came up during a conversation with one of the members of my Android Intelligence Platinum community recently, so I set out to scratch this fuzzy ol’ mammal-noggin of mine and muster up a solution.

I’d honestly never considered the fact that Chromebooks don’t have a simple on-screen restart function, but the perceptive Homo sapien asking me the question was absolutely right: If you look at the Chrome OS Quick Settings panel, you’ve got a single-click button for powering your computer down — and that’s it:

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