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4 buried treasures that’ll transform your Chrome OS experience


All right, my fellow Chrome OS adventurer — see if this progression feels familiar:

  • First: “Ooh, look! My Chromebook’s getting a huge update this week! Cool new features! SO EXCITING!!”
  • Then: “Oh. The update’s here, but everything looks the same. Where’s all the new stuff? So disappointing.”

It’s an all-too-common pairing here in the land o’ Googley matters, and that exact progression is in the midst of playing out for many an eager Chromebook owner this very moment.

Have you felt it yet? This latest up-and-down got going when Google made a splashy announcement about its 100th Chrome OS release the other day — including, most notably, the long-in-progress launch of a snazzy new revamped Chromebook launcher (ooh, ahh, etc).

It’s part of Chrome OS 100, we heard! It’ll bring a whole new look ‘n’ feel to your favorite Chromebook! It’ll change the way you use your computer, gersh dern it!

Excerpt, erm, it isn’t actually on by default. Not yet. Even after you get the Chrome OS 100 update — which you probably have, by this point — that fancy new setup won’t be present. Not where you can see it, anyway.

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