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How to get Android 14’s new notification powers now


Everyone in tech circles may be goin’ gaga over artificial intelligence at the moment, but here in the land o’ Android, we’ve got plenty of other interesting stuff on the horizon.

Believe it or not, Google’s already hard at work on the next grand Android version — the awkwardly gawky early-teen Android 14. And while it’s still far too soon to say exactly what the release will entail, one nugget from the latest Android 14 developer preview is pretty darn intriguing.

Specifically, the most recent Android 14 preview introduces a nifty new set of options around notifications — an area that’s simultaneously one of the best and the worst elements of any modern mobile device.

These new options, though, aim to make ’em even more useful by making sure you never miss anything important. With the flick of a couple quick switches, you can tell your phone to flash a custom-colored LED-like light on your screen anytime a new alert arrives — or, if you really want to get fancy, have it flash your phone’s back-facing camera light to catch your attention (and/or give you an impressively affordable way to create an on-demand rave).

Either approach could certainly be helpful in the right sort of situation. And here’s the really good news: You don’t actually even need Android 14 to make any of it happen.

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